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31 July 2014 @ 11:59 pm
(Titles are links to the stories.)

Title: Sleeping Hearts
Rating: G
Characters: Sora, Vanitas
Summary: Sora has a special friend nobody else can see.

Title: Flowers On You
Rating: G
Characters: Marluxia, Naminé
Pairing(s): Marluxia/Naminé
Summary: She was born with nothing, he gave her what little he could.

Title: Not A Pet
Rating: PG
Characters: Sora
Summary: Sora attempts to befriend a Shadow.
29 June 2014 @ 09:16 pm
Hello, everyone! I'm not sure who's still around, but I'm posting this just in case.

First off, thank you very much to the mods who allowed me to post something like this and I haven't thanked yet since I'm being rather lazy orz

Anyway, I'm looking to buy one of the Sora Avatar Mascot Strap things. It's this strap right here (sorry for the tinyurl if it bothers you;;-- it's a link to the item on Amazon). I'd like to buy it for my girlfriend because she's been looking for one for ages, and Sora is super important to her also.

The problem is I usually see it for like $100 for more which is a LOT for a little strap that is a bit fragile too... the lowest I've seen it is there seems to be one for about $75 on Amazon now, but that's still rather high...

So I was wondering if anyone here has, or knows someone who has, one of these straps (in good condition, please-- just not broken or something like that) and would be willing to sell it for a lower price. Not anything ridiculously low, but lower than prices like mentioned in this post. I'm willing to do art commissions (you can see my tumblr for examples), graphics, or some kind of trade (for KH or other merch / manga / etc) to make up the price if needed. Everything can/will be discussed until we both come to an agreement.

Thank you all for reading this!
16 August 2013 @ 08:43 am
Hi everyone! I've got lots of Kingdom Hearts doujinshi for sale here at my lj! For the remainder of August, Axel x Roxas doujins will be buy one get one 50% off! *please note that the 50% will only apply to the cheaper doujin*
05 August 2013 @ 04:24 pm
Hi! I've got a promo Kingdom Hearts keychain for sale at my page.

Take a look and post a message there if you'd like anything. :)

18 July 2013 @ 12:01 pm
So I did a three-part thing featuring KH1, Sora, and Roxas. If you haven't played 3D and are wanting to avoid spoilers for that game I recommend skipping/avoiding the "third installment" of this beast.

Feel free to start here. :)