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we are the nobodies

when we're dead they'll know just who we are

A Kingdom Hearts Community
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A community devoted to the video game series, Kingdom Hearts.

Whether it be graphics, fanfics, or anything else remotely related to Kingdom Hearts, this is the place for it.. Please be sure to follow the rules, and have fun!


The lj-cut feature is a good thing. You should use it when posting spoilers for new games, large and numerous images, and large text posts. Just use common sense with this one!

Any kind of unprovoked attacks or bigotry will not be tolerated in this comm, and will more than likely get you banned. If you feel someone is breaking this rule, please let us know.

[unacceptable posts]
Spam is not allowed on this comm. If you are unsure what qualifies as spam, please contact a mod before posting.

[sharing fanart]
If you want to share another fanartists work on the comm, you must provide a link to the artist, no exceptions. If you want to post icons using another artists work, you must obtain both credit and permission. Tools such as tineye and saucenao can be used to find sources, but if can't find the source; don't post it.

This is a Kingdom Hearts community. Unrelated posts will be deleted.

Adverts for related comms are fine, but must be placed under a cut. If you’re unsure as to whether your comm is sufficiently ‘related’, please contact us first.

Rule breaks will result in comment/post deletions and potentially banning.

GameFAQs: Need a walkthrough for a game? This is the place to go.
KH2.co.uk: A great place for up to date info on the games, as well as images and more.
Screencap resource post: Community specific post where people share screencaps. Check here first if you're looking for a specific scene!


General Kingdom Hearts Communties
khcollectors [A place to buy, sell, trade, discuss, and show off KH merchandise]
kh_boobs [A community specifically for female KH characters]
kingdom_hearts [A General Kingdom Hearts community]
keybladerating [Kingdom Hearts rating community]
org13rating [Organization XIII rating community]

Pairing Communities
rikuroku [Riku/Roxas]
kairixsora [Sora/Kairi]
marluxia_namine [A Marluxia/Namine]
kh_sacredmoon [Saix/Kairi]
kh_rainyworld [Axel/Xion]

Character Communities
yuffiefans [Yuffie]
chillyxacademic [Vexen]

Misc Related Communities
disney_pocs [Dedicated to animated (or live action) Disney characters of color]

Please comment on >>this<< entry if you wish to affiliate with 0kingdom_hearts



Please join in and have fun! :D

-The Mods

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