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Kingdom Hearts supports homosexuality and satanism

Hello! :-)

A week or so ago, my eight-year-old daughter Susie told me that she was interested in the video console game Kingdom of Hearts. Although I was concerned at first, after discussing her proposal with my church group, Susie and I stopped by Toys-R-Us after Soccer Practice to pick up a copy. Before she started playing the game video, we had a family discussion about morals and how to differentiate reality from fictional “Japanimation.”

All was going well until a few days ago, when Susie left the computer screen up while going to the bathroom. Being the concerned parent I am, I decided to take a look at her internet activities.

I was shocked at what I saw! There were many pictures of cartoon characters from Kingdom of Hearts engaging in homosexual intercourse! Shocked and appalled, I called over Grandpa Franklin and Grandma Goatse for an immediate intervention! :-O

Grandma Goatse said that at last week’s Friday Family Fun Night, she saw Susie and her friend Tetris (that’s her nickname) doing… inappropriate activities, to say the least. She didn’t want Susie to get in trouble, so she just made Susie stay in her room for the rest of the night and read The Holy Bible.

Infuriated, I went to Susie’s room and made her explain to me what kind of inappropriate material was in this Kingdom of Hearts. She lied and said it was an innocent console game, and even started crying! I warned her that she would go to hell if she continued playing anti-Christian material like Kingdom of Hearts. As a punishment, I decided to take away her birthday (which is in early November) and Christmas. Even though she was on the floor sobbing, I knew it was my duty as my parent to make sure she grows up as a good Christian citizen.

So, I come to you not only as a concerned parent, but also as a devout Christian. Please help us at the DAYSTAR, a group of parents who monitor online activity and TV/videogame censorship, ban Kingdom of Hearts from continuing distribution in America! If you support Kingdom of Hearts, you support terrorism!

Here are some COOL INTERNET LINKS to keep you safe! :-)

DAYSTAR Homepage
Internet Safety Tips
Kool Internet Kids 
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